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The founder Fouad Ghazali established FuFu ApS in 2016. The original product, FuFu Energy Drink, is initially launched in Denmark, but the aim is to build a strong global brand. It is our ambition to deliver high-quality energy drinks and our team possess the originality to accomplish that. FuFu’s headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, while the production and release of FuFu products are carried out at state of the art production facilities in Austria.


The founder and CEO of FuFu ApS is the Danish born Fouad Ghazali. Fouad is the second youngest of six children, who grew up in a working class neighbourhood.
Fouad has always dreamt of creating his own business, and he is now on a mission to serve high quality energy drinks to the global consumer. His ambition is to innovate and influence local communities in ways that other brands cannot.

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”

“We are not looking for tradition, we only look for innovation, and we do not settle for less than excellence”
F. Ghazali


The FuFu logo symbolise energy and power. It illustrates the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, where the inner circle represents the Sun and the outer circle the path in which the Earth moves around the Sun. Being the Earth’s greatest energy source, every day the Sun radiates enormous amount of energy that is absorbed by land and oceans. Without the Sun, life on Earth will not exist. Even gasoline burned in our car can trace its energy source back to the Sun. There is therefore an inevitable relationship between the Sun and Earth during which active power is generated.

The logo consists of the yellow letters “FuFu” on a dark blue background. The “Fu” represents the Chinese character, which means hard work or effort. FuFu ApS is striving to serve an energy drink through hard work and excellence. FuFu’s talent and expertise is to deliver the energy drink that generates active power.


Our logo is composed of three colours: blue, yellow and pink. We selected colours that collectively represent strength, energy, fun and happiness, and at the same time symbolise some of our key values.
Blue is known to be peaceful and calming, and it is the most universally liked colour. In particular, the dark blue colour is associated with creativity, intelligence, strength, loyalty, integrity, professionalism and authority. Blue indicates confidence, reliability and responsibility. It is persistent and determined to succeed in anything it pursues. All these characteristics are central to FuFu ApS.
Since blue is not that open to new ideas, we added yellow. It is the colour of new ideas and new ways of doing things, and it captures more attention than any other colour. Yellow is cheerful, energetic, fun, sunshine, happiness and warmth. Yellow is an entertainer. It also enhances enthusiasm and gives greater confidence and optimism. Light yellow is associated with freshness, joy, creativity and intelligence. Together, these are qualities that we would like to inspire in the young generation and our employees.
Being a combination of white and red, Pink shows characteristics of both colours. From the red and white colour, pink gets the desire for action and the achievement of success, respectively. Pink is believed to increase energy, pulse and blood pressure, and it radiates power and passion. The combination of pink and dark blue makes pink a stronger and more sophisticated colour.


Our vision is:

  • To be the most innovative and trendsetting global brand
  • To influencce sports, extreme sports, gaming and music
  • To inspire young people and support local communities
  • To be an extremely effective and fast-expanding company
  • To be an outstanding work place inspiring people to aim for excellence
  • To raise a strong and successful network of suppliers and partners


Our mission is to be a global leading brand and company by building an honest and enduring relationship with our partners and consumers:

  • To ensure high quality
  • To provide eminent tasting
  • To energise the world
  • To create enjoyment, happiness and fun moments


Our values are prerequisite for building a strong relationship with our customers, partners and suppliers, and for making our vision a reality. Our key values are that:

  • We take leadership – the future will be changed by us
  • We enjoy teamwork – everyone contributes with ideas and builds upon the ideas of others
  • Diverse people develop ideas for new products
  • We respect and accept diversity
  • We are honest to ourselves and our consumers – always be real
  • We take responsibility – we are responsible for our activities and learn from our outcomes
  • We trust in individual responsibility
  • We are curious, creative and optimistic – we take risks
  • We show strong passion and commitment
  • We strive for perfection and excellence
  • We are flexible and adapt to changes
  • We show high level of individual talent, ambition and dedication
  • We develop our expertise to stay ahead – know the market and the requirements of consumers and partners
  • We think innovative
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